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COLICOL VS 50M Copolymer versatic for emulsion paints and plastic wall coverings

COLICOL SA 50 is a copolymer dispersion based on styrene/acrylic esters for emulsion paints and wall coverings.
Paints and mixtures prepared with COLICOL SA 50 have an excellent resistance to atmospheric agents thanks to the high content of acrylic esters in the polymer.
The special polymerization technique adapted in the production of COLICOL SA50 allow a remarkable hydrophobia to the polymer film with a consequent low tendency to water absorbtion.

COLICOL VA55 is a Vinyl Acetate Copolymer with high solid content ideal for interior water-based paints.

COLICOL VS 50 is particularly suggested for the production of high quality emulsion paints, granuls pastes, and other wall coverings.
The binding power of COLICOL VS 50 is quite higher than usual vinyl-copolymers, thus allowing significant savings on both binder and pigment costs at high PVC.
Paints and wall coverings based on COLICOL VS 50 have excellent resistance to water and to the alkali of supports.

COLICOL VSP is a vinylversatate copolymer in powder form. COLICOL VSP can be easily re-dispersed in water, and has a high compatibility with fillers.

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