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DERMAROL 20 is an emollient universally used as an oil component having good spreading ability and being chemically indifferent.

DERMAROL CCT is a mixed tri-ester of glycerine and caprylic and capric acids.

DERMAROL DCO is an ester of decyl alcohol and oleic acid mainly used as emollient and moisture retention aid in hair/skin care products.

DERMAROL OST is an ester of 2-ethylenehexyl alcohol and stearic acid. mainly used as emollient, spreading agent, and moisture retention aid in hair/skin care products.

OLOROL 95 is a cetyl oleic alcohol having a long carbon chain.

OLOROL OP is a clear yellowish oil having low polarity and molecular weight.

OLOROL R is obtained from rice plant, Oryza sativa, and is a very interesting lipid containing ?-Oryzanol that acts as UV absorbent (290-320nm) and antioxidant .

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