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Special Additives

CETAROL GDS is an ethylene glycol distearate prepared from a 100% vegetal stearic acid having a diester content higher than 92%.

ENZYROL AP is a balanced dust free enzymatic formulation based on specially coated protease and ? -amylaseenzyme resistant to peroxygen bleach and compatible with all sequestering agents and components commonly used in both laundry and automatic dishwashing applications. ENZYROL AP is particularly useful in removing insoluble proteinaceous stains, such as blood, grass, milk, meat, eggs, etc.. as well as starch-based stains such as chocolate, gravy, baby food, oatmeal, etc…

OLOROL PG2 is an oleyl amine polyethylene glycol ether (2EO)

VIACROL XP60 is a polymeric dispersing compound based on polyvinylpirrolidone indicated as inhibitor of dye transfer in liquid and powder detergents.

VISACOL 70 i s essential component of detergents in powder form: in these systems VISACOL 70 adds to detergents the capability to prevent soil redeposition, stabilizes the suds and acts as protective factor for hands.

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